Chart operations

To open the chart in the Mobius Trader 6 terminal it is necessary to click opposite the chosen tool the button of opening.

The panel is placed in the top part of the chart. You can switch the time period (time  frame) at this panel

to change a type of the chart:

1) the chart in the form of bars

2)In the form of candles

3) In the form of lines

Also in this panel it is possible to change the chart scale from the most minimum size

to maximum.

Control panel of the chart

If you want to open a window of additional properties you should make a right-click of the mouse at any place of the chart. And you'll see the following window.

In this window you can adjust the autoscroling and shift of the chart, and also to choose as a tick the placement of the line of the price Bid and Ask. At clicking the Pending you'll see a New Order window with already set tick on the pending order.

Also in this window it is possible to operate all the objects and indicators which are place at the chart. You can open the properties of an object or delete.

At the chart it is possible to impose indicators from the tab in the top part of the Indicators terminal and graphical objects from the tab "Elements".