Multiplatform terminal for creating an exchange

Trade at any place on a convenient platform with a high speed execution of orders

Support of all platforms (Browser, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)


reasons to trade at Mobius Trader


Huge base of the Pre-installed indicators and graphical objects


Dozens of servers in different parts of the world. Minimum time of access. We undertake maintenance costs of servers


An opportunity to create the indicators and automatic algorithms


Support of working areas and their automatic synchronization between devices

Everything for convenient trade at Forex

  • Quotations of financial instruments in real time
  • Interactive charts of quotations with scaling and scrolling in real time
  • Full range of trade orders, including the postponed orders
  • Any time periods
  • Support for all types of trade execution
  • 3 types of charts: bars, Japanese candles and broken line
  • Offline mode (quotations of financial instruments, charts, current trade positioins and full trade history)
  • Trade levels and volumes on charts of quotations

Try and soon you'll understand that we're right