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Trade in browser with Mobius Trader provides a complete control of the trading account - there are no limits and restrictions in these versions. You can trade as you feel - the main thing is convenience, which was earlier available only on desktop apps. Support of all modern browsers. Guaranteed work at any computer.
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Mobius Trader

One of the most convenient applications for trade at Forex

  • Quotations of financial instruments in real time
  • Full range of trade orders, including the postponed orders
  • Trade directly from the chart
  • Support of all types of execution of trade operations
  • Full trade history
  • Offline mode (quotations of financial instruments, charts, current trade position and a full trade history)

All necessary functionality for trade at Forex

  • Interactive charts of quotations with scaling and scrolling in real time
  • A clear interface
  • Trade levels and volumes on charts of quotations
  • Minimum expense of a traffic
  • Any time periods
  • Support of all types of execution of trade operations
  • 3 types of charts: bars, Japanese candles and broken line
  • A full trade history
  • Trade directly from the chart
Mobius Trader

Mobius Trader is ideal for beginners and professionals