Terminal for Android Phone

Specially developed terminal for the most popular  mobile OS - Android. We took into consideration all features of this platform for the most convenient work.

We considered the small size of the screen of phone, features of clicking at the screen and the main opportunities of system. A very convenient interface.


One of the most convenient applications for trade at Forex

  • Quotations of financial instruments in real time
  • Full set of trade orders, including the postponed orders
  • Trade directly from the chart
  • Support for all types of trade execution
  • A full trade history
  • Offline mode (quotations of financial instruments, graphics, current trade position and a full trade history)

All necessary functionality for trade at Forex

  • Interactive charts of quotations with scaling and scrolling in real time
  • Сlear interface
  • Trade levels and volumes on charts of quotations
  • Minimum expense of a traffic
  • Any time periods
  • Support for all types of trade execution
  • 3 types of chart: bars, Japanese candles and broken line
  • A full trade history
  • Trade directly from the chart

Mobius Trader is ideal for beginners and professionals