mScript Reference


Account Class for working with account data
Bar Class for working with bars
Buffer Class for working with indicator buffers
DateTime DateTime class
GObject Working with graphic objects
Indicator The base class from which the classes of all indicators are inherited.
This class inherits from mScript.
Market Returns various data about a particular trading symbol
Order Order
TimeFrame TimeFrame
TradingBot Base class for Trading Bots
WebRequest Class for working with HTTP requests
mScript The base class for all scripts. All classes of Indicators and Trading Bot are inherited from it.
Balance Balance
Bonus Bonus
Company Name of the brokerage company of the current account
Credit Credit
Currency Current account currency name
CurrencyId Current account currency identifier
Email Current account email
Equity The amount of own funds of the current account
FreeMargin Free funds allowed to open orders on the current account
Leverage Current account leverage
Margin Pledge
Name Username
Profit Profit of current account
StopoutLevel The value of the level used to determine the state Stop Out
TradingAccount Current account number
Anchor The anchor point of the element to the graph
AppliedPrice Type of applied price
ArrowSymbols Arrow symbols
Averaging Moving average averaging options
Color Color enumeration
DrawingStyle Drawing style enumeration
IndicatorLine Enumeration of indicator line types
InputType Input Type of User Input Variables
PriceType PriceType enumeration
Property Indicator or Trading Bot properties
Shape Line shape enumeration
Current Current values of constants and variables
Indicators Indicators