Class for working with indicator buffers


asArray Returns the buffer as an array of numbers
clear Clears all or part of the buffer
fill Fills a buffer with values taken from an array
get Returns the value of the buffer element at index
set Задаёт значение элемента буфера по индексу
setAnchor Sets the anchor point for indicator symbols
setArrow Sets the view символа to display buffer values
setColor Sets the color of a line, arrow or histogram for displaying buffer values
setDrawBegin Sets the bar number (from the data beginning) from which the drawing of the given indicator line must start
setDrawingStyle Sets the line drawing style for displaying buffer values
setEmptyValue Задаёт значение для "пустого" элемента буфера - элемента, которому не пока присвоено никакого значения
setLabel Sets the description of the buffer data display line
setShape Sets the display of buffer values
setShift Sets the offset of the buffer data display line
setSize Changes the size of the buffer - sets the possible number of elements in it
setWidth Sets the width of the indicator line
size Возвращает количество элементов в буфере
toString Buffer to string