Name Type Действие Значение по умолчанию
symbol string Symbol
tradeCmd int Trade team
volume float Volume
price float Opening price

Return value

Reference to an object of type Order for a chain of calls


Field Order fields
Source Data source for selecting deals
TradeCmd Trade command
all Get all orders
close Close the order
delete Delete this pending order
get Get the value of the order field
reset Cancel all unsaved actions on the order
save Save all changes
set Задает новое значение поля ордера
setComment Set comment
setOpenPrice Set the opening price
setSl Set Stop Loss
setTp Set Take Profit
setTrailingStop Set Trailing Stop
setUserData Set order identification number
setVolume Set new volume
size Returns the number of orders for source
sizeHistory Returns the number of closed orders in the account history loaded into the terminal.
toString Order to string