How to invest in a managing trader

To make an investment in a managing trader, you need to go to the mobius trader 7 terminal and select the PERSONAL ACCOUNT tab in the upper right corner

And go to the tab Investments - Monitoring Traders and select the trader you are interested in for investment

For example, you have chosen the TESTER manager and to go to his page you need to click on his nickname. You will see a page where you can study the trader's data and you can click on the invest tab.

Attention, the investment will be withdrawn from the first USD account, which was created first in the cabinet. When investing in a manager, the account from which the investment will be will be shown here.

This tab indicates from which account the investment will be withdrawn, what commission the trader takes, what penalty the trader has set for early withdrawal, as well as the end of the investment period. And a column for entering the amount of investment.

Commission - what percentage of the profit you will give to the trader from the profit from your investment. For example, the manager has earned $100 from your investment and he has a commission of 50%, which means that you will divide $100 in half at $50.

Investment period (IP) - The time at the end of which investors can withdraw their investments. The end of the investment period occurs on Saturday at 01 GMT

The trader enters the number of weeks in the IP (from 1 to 10). The beginning of the IP is considered from the time the account was created, and not from the moment of your investment.

Penalty % is the percentage of the entire investment amount that will be transferred from the investor's account to the trader's account if the investor wants to withdraw the investment BEFORE the IP ends, i.e. before the specified investment period. Example: The investor has attached $100 to the trader and the trader has earned him $50, which are divided by 50% with the trader. It turns out that the investor's funds will be $ 125 and the trade penalty was set at 20%. Subtract 20% from 125 = 25 dollars the investor will lose if he disconnects the investment before the specified period. Addition: if the investor closes the investment of $100 earlier and his profit percentage has already been calculated = $50, and the trader has a penalty percentage of 50%, then the trader receives from the investor half of $150 = $75 to a real account.

Carefully study the data, and then make a decision to invest.

To keep track of your investment, you need to go to your personal account, tab Investments - My investments

On this page you can see:

Nickname of the trader you invested in

How much did you invest

The current size of the investment (less - the trader is currently trading at a loss and more - the manager has earned)

The end of the IP (investment period) the period after which you can withdraw funds without a penalty specified by the trader

In this window, you can also click on the DISCONNECT tab, as shown in the picture below.

Here you can disconnect today (you will immediately be shown that there will be a fine set by the manager) or immediately at the end of the period.

And you can also withdraw only profit or completely both profit and investment, and after choosing, for example, urgently and withdraw everything, you can see that the funds will be returned to the account with a penalty of 50% specified by the trader

Attention: Early withdrawal is possible only from Monday to Thursday from 01:00 to 22:00

Profit Withdrawal - Investing $100 and earning another $20 in net profit will give you $20 and $100 will remain invested

Complete disconnection - you will receive all the money (profit and investment) in your account.

Profit Reinvestment - You had a $100 investment. You have earned $20 profit. When you click Reinvestment, the amount of 100 + 20 = 120 will go as a new investment of $ 120. Please note: reinvestment occurs only after the end of the investment period!