Fibo Fan

To set Fibonacci's Fan at the price graphics it is necessary to choose "Objects" - "Fibo" - "Fibo Fan", as shown at the graphics below.

It looks at the chart like this:

For correct building of a Fibo fan it is necessary to find on graphics a point of minimum and maximum of the price for a certain period of time. The main line of a fan (trend line) in case of the ascending trend is put from a minimum to a maximum and if the trend descending - from a maximum to a minimum (from top to down), as shown at the pic below.

Three blue lines of a fan are very strong lines of support or resistance. 

Apparently, on this fan we didn't have points of entry for sale, and it was possible to close a profit here

In each of two transactions it was possible to fix 100 - 140 points of profit safely. As you see, without special skills and a long market analysis and all its factors Fibo fan gives the chance to earn at Forex market. The most important in work with a fan is to learn to build the main line. Also it can be used as the filter of signals of your trade strategy. We wish you high profit.

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