The equidistant channel

We are glad to provide you one of the most popular tools of the technical analysis - the channel

To set the channel on the price chart it is necessary to choose Objects - "Channels" - "The equidistant channel", as shown at the pic below.

This channel looks as 2 parallel lines which pass through the maximum and minimum prices of closing.

To cause a window of property it is necessary to click the right button of a mouse one of lines of the channel and to choose the Properties tab, as shown in the drawing below.

It will look as following:

As we see, in properties it is possible to specify color and thickness of lines,

tilt angle and in what party to display channel lines indefinitely. Also in properties of the equidistant channel it is possible to make filling of all its area that will give the best visual perception of the channel at the price chart.

It is better to trade on a release and breakdown from channel lines, but it is worth to remember that it is best of all to trade behind a trend.

We wish you profit.

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