Arrow Check

We present to your attention one more tool for marking of the graphics and convenient visual perception of a situation - "Arrow Check".

To set a tick at the chart it is necessary to choose Objects - "Icons" - "Arrow Check", as shown at the pic below.

As soon as you clicked this tab it is necessary to choose the place where you want to set an Arrow Check and to click it the left button of a mouse.

If it is necessary to move a tick, then by one clicking of a mouse it is possible to activate it and to displace where it is convenient to you.

To cause a window of property it is necessary to click by the right button of a mouse "Check" and to choose "Properties", as shown at the pic below.

As we see, it is possible to specify a color and thickness of a tick for better visual perception in properties.

In trade the Arrow Check can be applied to a marking of any areas, for example, the storage site of volume by large players by blue ticks, and the fields of unloading - red.

We wish you high profit.

This graphical element can be discussed at forum