All bars are ticks

All bars in the Mobius Trade 7 terminal depend on ticks.

What is a forex tick?

Changing the price of any instrument traded is a common occurrence in the financial market. This is due to changes in supply and demand. A tick is a price change displayed on a chart. In the terminal, motion data can be displayed both smoothly and in the form of large jumps.

This unique opportunity of Mobius Trade 7 unlike other terminals gives you the opportunity to see the full picture of the market and understand what is happening inside the candle itself.

On the left you see ticks. It is from the ticks that 1 candle is thus formed. There are situations when there are several identical candles in a row, but if you look at these candles from the inside with the help of ticks, you can see that the price did not move at all in the same way, as shown in the figure below.

In trade, this type of chart can be used both for a broader understanding of the market and its educational structure, and for a greater understanding of where it is better to put stop loss and take profit.

The Mobius Trade 7 terminal and its unique ability to build a chart of tick prices will help you become a professional trader much faster and understand the concept of “forex market” from the inside.