A single server for the account is everything that you put on the chart in the terminal and will also be on the mobile

The Mobius Trade 7 terminal server synchronizes the appearance of charts on different terminals. If you are a busy person or like to travel or just like to trade on the road often you do it through a smartphone. Now you do not need to configure everything twice all your settings from the computer will go to the smartphone. For example you set up the following schedule:

and everything will immediately be displayed in the Mobius Trade 7 terminal of your phone.

As an example, we took the popular strategy for flat breakdown and the gold levels of the Fibonacci grid. In the morning before the trip, we opened a PC order for a flat break and pulled a Fibo grid. At the level of 161.8, which will be our resistance, we will look for a short-term pullback.

After that, we went about our business. On the road, we decided to check our order through the terminal on the phone, and as we can see, it immediately went into a plus.

A few hours later we closed a buy order. He reached the goal we need - Fibonacci level 161.8

And immediately after the close of purchases, we opened an order with an increased lot for sale, with the aim of taking a small pullback from the gold level.

On vacation, we decided to improve the opening and closing of orders for this system using the signals of the Stochastic indicator. On another account, we opened a new chart and in order to weed out small price movements (market noise), we began to select the necessary indicator parameters. The optimal parameters were 30.15.15 and levels 80 and 20, as shown in the figure below.

After setting up the indicator, we returned to our sell order, and since it went a little plus, we decided to put a breakeven in order to be in the market without risk for a deposit.

After returning home, we entered the terminal with Pc and decided to close the deal with a small profit.

Our orders on the price chart look like this

Our total daily earnings were $ 87.

In addition, on the phone we have configured an indicator filter for this trading system, which will help you to find the best places to open positions. And all this was automatically synchronized with the terminal on the PC.

The Mobius Trade 7 terminal is not an irreplaceable thing for any trader who likes to spend an active day on vacation, at work, at training or even on a trip.