Ask and Bid prices on the chart

The Mobius Trader 7 terminal has a unique ability to display Ask and Bid prices on the chart. The break point on the Bid price is the low of the Ask price.

Probably every trader in his trade saw the phenomenon that the order closes by stop loss before reaching the dotted line, and take profit does not work, although the price has already crossed the line by 1-2 points. Everything will become clear as soon as you put everything in its place in terms of Ask and Bid prices.
By default, only the Bid price is displayed on the price chart.

The purchase process is done at the Ask price.

The opening price is more than the market price by the spread. We succeeded, when opening a purchase at the price of 1.1252, the order opened taking into account the spread at the price of 1.1254. The spread on the EURUSD pair here was 2 points.

Selling at Bid price,

but close at the Ask price.

This means that the spread is not levied by the broker when an order is opened, but when it is closed. This is the difference between buying and selling. Stop loss on sale is triggered by the spread before. Take profit, on the contrary, will work above the set level by the spread.

If you are trading at a terminal where the Ask price is not displayed, you can say that you are trading blindly and actually do not see the real transaction opening price.

Thus, we can conclude that this wonderful function of the Mobius Trader 7 terminal allows the trader to see at what price he will buy and sell, which in turn will help to avoid losses.