Switching cent-dollar

Most often, companies are not always able to make cent accounts due to positioning or image reasons. But every newcomer, who only recently came to trade at the Forex market and opened an account, wants to see in his account not 10 dollars of the first deposit, but 1000 - 5000 thousand dollars and more. The developers of the Mobius Trade 7 terminal made it possible for their customers to switch cents to dollars. This makes possible to see in their account not $ 10, but 1000 cents. According to psychological research, this makes people trade with greater discipline, and it’s also easier to switch to serious amounts.

You can top up your account with $ 20 and switch the balance display to cents in the settings.

After that, you will see a window to select the display on the account.

You will have 2000 cents, as shown in the picture below.

You already psychologically see three zeros after a deuce and start to think "if I lose these 2,000 cents, then I lose 2,000 dollars, which will be so accurately displayed on the account." And after that, the trader begins to trade in a small lot, clearly and calmly following the rules of the system. As we all know, the main rule of trade is DO NOT VIOLATE RISK (money management). When a trader gradually conservatively trading, doing for half a year, 100% of the deposit, after 6 months his balance changed and became 4000 cents.

He withdrew the earned money and returned to the original balance. After another 4-6 months, he again earned up to 100% of the deposit and withdrawn everything. Having accumulated funds, the trader replenished the account with $ 2,000 and switched the display to dollars and he has the same numbers when he was earning.

This did not affect the psychology of trading, and the trader did, as in the past, 100% in 6 months and received not $ 20 profit, but $ 2,000.

Trading in the Mobius Trade 7 terminal makes it much easier to go through this difficult path of the trader, which increases the efficiency of customers they become more often successful traders which allows the company to earn more on them.