How to log in MT7

As we described in our review, there are a huge number of reasons why you should change the platform. You will simply earn more (or finally exit the minus).

However, you need to get used to some features of both the program and the real market. It will be simple, just read this short text.


There are no lots in the real market.

For a long time, public terminals could not give the opportunity to trade on the real market therefore, trading was most often carried out with "bets" rather than lots. Say, when trading at Metatrader 4, you often could only buy 1 lot of EURUSD while you did not see the exact amount of the buy and could not set any amount at our terminal you trade

You see how much you bought and what currency.

Now you can choose the amount of currency that you want to buy or sell instead of obscure lots. You are not limited to discrete quantities this gives great flexibility to your trading.

You can trade cryptocurrencies. We are the only terminal that allows you to trade cryptocurrency in other terminals you can only trade CFDs on cryptocurrency (i.e., rates on it) or futures (in fact, also a rate). In our terminal, you can really conduct real transactions with cryptocurrency buy and sell it and withdraw it after an exchange.

Switching cent-dollar

Previously, most brokers had 2 types of accounts: cent and dollar. In our terminal, we proposed a concept where you have only one accouns: and you can switch between a cent and a dollar (buy, say, milli and micro bitcoins) at any time. This is described in detail here

Email Authorization

One of the most serious simplifications in MT7 is that instead of an account, you enter an e-mail instead of an account number

And you go immediately to all your accounts (you can register names in your account).

Switching between accounts is carried out with one click of the mouse. Without a new authorization.