We monitor the rating of managers in the terminal

After a series of failures, a lot of traders think about investing or copying transactions from more experienced and successful professionals. But finding a good manager from whom you can copy deals or just invest is very difficult. It happens that the broker's site is terribly complicated and there is a lot of everything, but there is no simplicity and understanding. Another situation is when you need to go to your personal account in the browser every day and watch your attachments.

In the Mobius Trader 7 terminal, you will forget about all this routine. You can find a manager to your liking by clicking on the side triangle as shown in the picture below

And you will see a sidebar where you need to select the histogram icon

After clicking on it, a rating window for managing traders by rating will appear.

You can apply filters to this list by deposit balance, management fee, and rating.

We wish you profits.