Unified assembly for all operating systems

The Mobius Trader 7 terminal is suitable for any modern operating system. You can use Windows older than 7, Mac OS, any modern versions of Linux. You can also work on any mobile device. Adnroid, Iphone, Windows Phone. Everywhere you can install the Mobius Trader 7 terminal and enjoy its stable operation.

Recently, many users are switching to Linux. Over the past few years, Linux is slowly gaining popularity.

Also, if you purchased a PC, or an Apple laptop, then by default you will have Mac OS it is an operating system with closed source code, and to install terminals of other developers, you are forced to install programs to emulate Windows. But there are also many of its nuances:

Not every user will be able to install the emulator on their own

A weak laptop or PC will not be able to support both its system and the emulator at the same time, and if it can, your terminal will hang or give errors due to lack of resources


The terminal installation file includes Mobius Trader 7 for all these operating systems, and when you purchase our terminal's DC, you no longer need to solve problems with a multitude of users who cannot install the terminal on their PC.