Forex Strategy Channel

We are glad to present to your attention the strategy - Channel on which trade is adapted especially for those who have no time to sit near the chart. In trade we will use currency pair of EUR/USD and the time period D1.

To trade on this strategy it is necessary:

To set the MA Chanels indicator from the section "Channel Building"

Over time you manually should configure indicator settings for volatility of currency pair.

It shall look on chart like that:

Settings under currency pair should be set so that the movements on chart did not overstep the bounds of the channel. The MAPeriod parameter is recommended not to put more than value 200, and the BarsCount parameter which is responsible for width of the channel, should be framed up.

Necessary conditions for conclusion of transactions:

1. We will open orders only for release from the red line of the channel and to expose a profit on opposite border, as shown at the pic below.

2. If the price after one contact, for example, of the upper red line of the channel, continues still touches, and you already opened the order, then it is possible to open safely orders at each crossing of the price and border of the channel, as shown in drawing below.

3. If you did not manage to set the order and the prices already left the border of our channel, then it is possible to open the candle on it at once, and the point of entry will be better than that if you entered on border of the channel.

4. We will not expose the maximum loss at once.

5. If the price reaches the first white line, then stop can be set in withoutloss to close a half of the transaction.

6. As soon as the price reaches a reverse side of the channel it is possible to open the reversing transaction.

This strategy can be used on all currency pairs and the temporary periods, that you had a main thing time to monitor the chart

We wish you high profit.

It is possible to discuss this strategy at forum