Strategy HILO

We present to your attention the strategy HILO which is possible on any currency pair and time period is better to choose H1-H4. This strategy will suit each trader because of the simplicity and profitability and to trade on it it is necessary to set on the chart:

1) Exponential Moving Average from the section "Trend"

of red color with a period 8.

On chart it looks like that:

2) Moving Average with the MA Simple method of blue color with the period 21.

3) Moving average with the MA Simple method of blue color with the period 13.

All together moving averages have to turn out on the chart as it is shown on the chart below.

4) Install the ADX Smoothed indicator from the section "Divergency"

of a green color with a period 14.

You can think of Buy when the red moving average with the period 8 crosses from below up blue moving average with the period 21.

The last candle has to be closed above this blue moving average, and the ADX indicator has to be higher than the level 15 and DI blue has to cross from below up +DI and also be  higher than the level 15.

Stop loss should be set if we buy on 15-20 points below blue moving average, and a profit 2-3 times bigger. Transactions for Sell are carried out under the return conditions.

We wish you high profit!!!

It is possible to discuss this strategy at forum