Trading with Stochastic

Let's view one of systems of earnings based on Stochastic indicator. To set it, you should click the tab - Indicators at a toolbar and in the appeared menu to choose Oscillators - Stochastic Oscillator.

For this example we will apply the following settings. 

Stochastic symbolizes about the ascending trend if it is above of the own average.

In this case we open only the long positions. Signals for Sell are ignored. 

Respectively, Stochastic signals about the descending trend if is below own average. In this case we ignore signals on Buy. 

Now we need a method for determination of point of entry. For this purpose we use Awesome Oscillator of Bill Williams. As you remember, for installation of the Awesome Oscillator at the chart, we click the button Indicators at a toolbar and in the appeared menu we will choose Bill Williams - Awesome Oscillator. 

We will not change the settings. 
Awesome Oscillator gives a signal on Buy or Sell called "Saucer". Red bar after two green, or green bar after two red. It is a turn signal. 

For complete strategy we shall bring tactics of an exit from the transaction. Stop loss, limiting losses, we put on the level of the last fractal. It is possible to install this indicator from the section "Bill Williams" 

And we will move stop under the last actual fractal.

Also, we leave the transaction if we receive a signal, opposite in the direction, for an entrance.

We wish you success in trade.

It is possible to discuss this strategy at forum