Forex Strategy "Scalp in silence"

We are glad to present you an intra day trade strategy of Forex "Scalp in silence". We will trade on currency pair of EUR/USD, the time period M5, and trade itself will be possible only from 13 to 15 on MOSCOW TIME.

To trade on this strategy it is necessary:

1. To install the Ma_Parabolic_Alert_2 indicator from the section "Scalping"

with the settings MA 20, MA_Mode 2, MA_Price 0, Step 0.02, Maximum 0.2 and color of lines is red.

2.To install the Ma_Parabolic_Alert_2 indicator, with the settings MA 25, MA_Mode 2, MA_Price 0, Step 0.005, Maximum 0.05, and we set two colors blue.

And after all settings you should get such a chart.

Necessary conditions for opening of transactions on Buy:

The best condition will be the arrangement of points of the indicator parabolic Sar under moving averages, as shown at the pic.

We will set the stop loss on a red point, but if it is too close, then on a blue point.

Also as confirmation of buy it is possible to use that the red moving average has to be higher than blue.

The profit by transaction can be closed on traling stop, or on the return signal.

We wish you high profit in real trade.

It is possible to discuss this strategy at a forum