Forex Strategy DLC Method

We present to your attention the strategy of Forex - the DLC Method which trade is based on 3 simple Forex indicators. In trade it is possible to use any currency pair, and the time period can be taken H1, H4 and D1.

To trade on this strategy it is necessary:

1. To install the trend Triggerlines indicator from the section "Trend"

And to set the cоlor of the lines as shown at the pic bellow.

It should look like that on the chart Triggerlines

2.To install the indicator Аccelerator Oscillator from the section «Bill Williams»

And also to install the indicator Аwesome Оscillator, as shown at the pic

All set indicators should look like that.

The necessary conditions for opening of the transaction for Sell:

1. Lines of the Triggerlines indicator shall go down and should be red.

2. The histogram of indicators AO and AC should be below null value and red color.

As soon as all conditions are satisfied, it is possible to open the warrant for sale right after closing of our candle. Our transaction needs to be divided into 5 parts and to open at the same time 5 orders. We will put stop under the next local minimum.

For each order we will put our maximum profit, and also it is better to observe a ratio of stoploss 1:2. As soon as the profit according to 1 order works, then all stops of other orders will need to be delivered in a withoutloss. At wish it will be possible to use a traling stop and any number of orders.

We wish you high profit.

It is possible to discuss this strategy at forum