Forex Strategy "Keltner Channel"

We present to your attention the trend strategy "Keltner Channels", it is better to trade on the temporary period H1-H4. Trade on this strategy is based on signals of two indicators which show us what happens with the market at the present time, an entrance to which we will carry out only by means of the postponed warrants.

To trade on this strategy it is necessary:

1. To set the Keltner Channels indicator from the section "Channel building" 

with settings: period 10, top line of the channel is blue, average line is gray and lower is red

You should receive the result as at the pic below

2. To install the ADX indicator from the section "Trend"

with settings: the period 14, the main line of blue color, +DI of green color and -DI of red, and also it is necessary to put level on a mark 30.

The chart with this indicator looks like that:

Necessary conditions for opening of the transaction on Buy:

1. It is necessary for us that at least one candle was closed above the blue line of the Keltner Channels indicator;

2. Before the candle was closed above the Keltner Channels indicator to us it is necessary that +DI of the ADX indicator crossed -DI from below up.

3. It is necessary that the blue line of the ADX indicator went up.

4. As soon as all these conditions are satisfied at top of our alarm candle we set the postponed warrant as shown at the pic. below.

5. To be convinced that a signal not false +DI line has to cross level 30, and the blue line has to be around a mark 30.

6. The maximum loss should be set slightly below the last local minimum, as shown at the pic.

7. We will not put the maximum profit in points as we will close the transaction, only when the opposite signal is formed. To sell, it is necessary to wait for the return conditions of the market.

We wish you success.

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