Fixation of transactions (transfer of a trade transaction to a balance)

Almost 95% of traders lose on the forex market, because they think that they are betting like on binary options. For example, if you buy 1 lot of EURUSD and the price rises by 10 pips, you earn $ 100. Without a clue where you are and what you work with, you cannot earn.

Forex is primarily a currency exchange market. And your terminal should be able to change money. Your order on the Forex market is either the exchange itself or the preparation for the exchange of money.

What money exchange looks like in a real terminal.

Suppose you have an order

You can select it

You should see a button “Fix”, as shown in the figure above. By clicking this button, your profit on the transaction (order) becomes equal to zero (the opening price is equal to the closing price), and you receive two orders, deducting from your current account

and crediting to the account in the currency that you buy.

The same with cryptocurrencies