Agency Charge System

Agent charges in the Mobius Trader 7 terminal can now be seen in the transaction history.

To display bonus accruals you need to click on the history settings button.

and check the boxes as shown in the picture below.

Attention: Each broker may have its own percentage of bonus payments. In the examples below, we just show how this scheme of payments works.

At a broker whose clients trade in the Mobius Trader 7 terminal, agent payments are calculated as follows:

If your referral does not pay a commission, then you get 1 pip of agent payments.

For example, your referral has closed an order of 100,000 professional volume for a currency pair with GBPUSD, where the pip value was 10 dollars.

In this case, you get an accrual of $ 10, as shown in the picture below.

If your referral pays a commission, then you get 0.33% commission.

In the second example, you can see as soon as the referral closed the order with the commission

You have received your percentage of earnings. 2.07 * 0.33 = 0.68

For a closed position of the instrument with the end of Big, you get 8 pips payout

We want to note that if the displays of agent payments do not give you the opportunity to analyze your trading history, you can turn it off at any time by removing the corresponding checkmarks, as shown in the figure below. In this case, accruals will still go. Just will not be displayed in the story.