Acceleration of the deposit. Advantages and disadvantages

There are two approaches to exchange trading - aggressive and conservative. Professionals who make money on Forex for a long period of time, as a rule, are adherents of the second approach. However, for measured trading, you must have a starting capital of at least $ 1,000. Not everyone who wants to make money on Forex has such an amount of free funds.

Having on hand, let's say several thousand dollars, it is impossible to get tangible profit as a result of conservative trade in principle. Therefore, such traders are faced with the choice of conducting measured trading, receiving $ 100-200 of profit per month, or starting more aggressive trading with a different percentage of profitability.

Overclocking a deposit is an aggressive trading on the market, carried out with the aim of obtaining significant profit in a short time period. Usually we are talking about increasing start-up capital several times, and sometimes tens of times. There are many examples of how a small deposit has been dispersed to impressive numbers. Consider the brightest of them. For example, the Chinese trader Chen Likui managed to increase his deposit to almost 250 thousand dollars, he started with only $ 400. A unique example was shown by a trader from Chelyabinsk Elena Pryakhina. In 11 days, she achieved a profit of 14,000%. Starting from 1300 rubles, she eventually bargained for more than 250 thousand rubles. A case of a pensioner from Iowa is known, which in two years increased the deposit from $ 234 to more than $ 400,000.

How to disperse a deposit

There are many strategies that allow you to get a large percentage of profits in a short time. We are talking about both manual trading and automatic trading. Many advisers have been developed specifically designed to fulfill this goal. In this article, we will not go into the technical details of specific strategies, but pay attention to fundamental points.

In fact, overclocking a deposit is a trade based on the principle of "all or nothing." This means that the trader has two options: either the deposit will be successfully dispersed to the desired value, or all funds will be lost. If you face the truth, the statistical probability of the second scenario is higher than the first. Therefore, the trader must comply with one iron rule of money management. It states that you cannot trade on those funds that you cannot afford to lose without significant damage to the quality of life.

Deposit Acceleration Methods

Conducting aggressive trading on strategies based on the Martingale principle. If the transaction was closed at a loss, a double position is opened for a double amount. If successful, profit covers losses on all previous transactions. Such trading is conducted using leverage, which leads to an even greater increase in risk.

Trading with the opening of transactions "after" the previous one. If the price moved in the opposite direction from the expectation, the trader opens a new order in the same direction. This strategy is based on the fact that usually the price makes small kickbacks that allow the trader to get out of a losing position without losing funds. If the trend turned out to be pronounced, then all transactions will be closed forcibly by the broker, respectively, the entire deposit will be lost.

Scalping short-term trading with the opening of a large number of transactions in a short time period. Trading is carried out on charts with timeframes M1 and M5. A significant amount of profit is achieved due to the number of closed orders.

Trading on key economic news. The transaction is opened at the time of news release with the expectation that the price will move in the expected direction. If the forecast is true, the trader can get up to 1000% profit on one transaction. The risks are very high since The market situation depends on a combination of economic and political factors around the world. Therefore, only the most important news is taken into account.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of overclocking a deposit is the ability to make big profits in a short time and with small initial investments. Risky trading can also be carried out on a demo account without any investments, provided that Forex traders participate in the competition with real prizes (many brokers regularly conduct such events). This is a chance to get an impressive cash prize without financial costs.

There is only one drawback and it does not need an additional introduction. This is a very high risk of loss of funds. A trader should be aware that high-risk trading is focused primarily on luck, and not on calculation and planning. Therefore, it is advisable, after receiving 50-100% profit, to withdraw the earned funds and continue trading on the deposit of the original volume.