Where are traders trained? Why is training so short and do you need to know something to start bidding. A question of talent.

Traders can be divided into many groups those who have received education and those who have learned everything themselves. For those for whom this work and for whom it is entertainment. Who works in the company and for himself. For "lovers" and "professionals." However, the most important division is those who make a profit and those who do not.

Professional traders are trained in special academies. There is a direction “Securities Market”, where they teach the basics of trading technical and fundamental analysis. After successfully passing certain exams, you can get an official license from a trader. Amateurs can just sit down at the computer and start trading.

And it will soon turn out that it doesn’t matter whether you got an education, whether you graduated from courses, or you know special slang. The main thing is that you have to make a profit.

Gaining knowledge on how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis does NOT guarantee profit. By and large, training in trading provides a tool, and the skills for its effective application themselves are acquired with experience. Someone comes to success, someone does not, someone has talent, but there is no other, and he is not destined to become a successful trader.

A successful trader must “feel” the market! There is no effective algorithm and it cannot be developed in principle. In this case, the factor of intuition plays an important role. If there was a 100% effective trading strategy based on signals from indicators and various services like the Economic Calendar, then traders (people) would not be needed - only robots (trading advisors) remained on the market, working according to the algorithm laid down in them .

Everyone knows that a sense of the market comes with experience, the difference is only in the time of its acquisition. Newspapers are full of publications about the fact that the next elderly American unexpectedly decided to trade on the market and achieved unprecedented success. And how traders with a specialized education lose huge sums on the market.

We would not advise you to take expensive courses. At first, there will be enough free courses at dts, so that there are at least general concepts, and understanding will come only with time, moreover, a sense of the market is developing.