Taxation for the trader

We will try to briefly describe to you the shortest path that tens and hundreds of thousands of traders have traveled to you, and they have earned in different financial markets. In the stock, forex and cryptocurrency markets it doesn’t matter.

The first step is when you earn tens of dollars a day. However, most traders simply do not pay taxes. Volumes of several hundred dollars are simply not interesting to the tax service and this can last several months.

The second step is when the trader receives several thousand dollars a month. The easiest way is to simply receive this money into your account and indicate it in the tax return as an individual’s income however, it can reach quite large amounts (13-50% in different countries).

The third step is to register a company domestically or offshore (the second option is faster and easier). This company is registered in the DC or on the exchange and receives income. Taxes in offshore companies are not paid the company transfers money to you as dividends to the owner. So you pay dividend tax.

These steps are standard, hundreds of thousands of traders have passed them before you these are simple ways to pay taxes on your income.