Market Makers

Schemes for manipulating the mood of traders. Forex benefits in this regard.

Liquidity in the market who provides it.

One of the market participants is a market maker. Exchange speculators, earning in the market due to short-term operations of buying and selling various assets, can close the position at any time, while the market maker performs a more global task. He carries out applications for the purchase and sale when there is no counter offer from another counterparty. Its function in the market is to provide market liquidity. It is almost always in the market. The peculiarity of the work of the market maker is that in the trend he is forced to work against the crowd, performing orders that are counter to the current trend.

The market maker, in contrast to the ordinary trader-speculator, has much more information on market positioning and incomparably large financial resources. And using these factors, as well as the mood and expectations of market participants, a market maker can bring the price to the levels of interest to him. And his levels are interested in where the money is. It is there that he can earn at the expense of speculators. Punctures and false breakdowns of levels this is often the job of a market maker. Trading in the range when the extremes on both sides are updated by several points, after which the price quickly returns to the average price of the interval traces of the possible actions of the market maker. The correct interpretation of the possible actions of the market maker can do a good service to the trader, with big money it is better to go in one direction.

The market is a completely unique environment that provides opportunities for making money. It is enough for a trader to spend only a few minutes to several hours a day on trading, using a convenient and understandable strategy and correctly read the actions of a market maker can help him in this.