Scalping - maximize market opportunities

Scalping high-frequency trading (frequent entry and exit and transactions). A trader earns a lot and pays a lot of commission it is precisely such a trader that many brokers dream of.

Scalpers are the broker's gold fund. The trader pays the broker to open each position. A fee is a commission (sometimes included in the difference between bid and ask, often referred to as a spread).

Similarity and distinction with intraday. The article devoted to the features of intraday trading described its advantages and disadvantages. Everything, too, can rightfully be attributed to scalpers. With one small amendment. If the stop is located on the border of the market noise or as close to it as possible, then the scalper and its trades are entirely inside this noise.

Psychological resilience is fundamental to a scalper. He does not have the right to make mistakes while working within the noise range. The profit of his trade is a few points, if very lucky ten or twenty (a fraction of a% of the value of the asset). In this case, the position volume is comparable with the position of intraday. Stop triggering is an integral, albeit not very positive, part of his work. The scalper never enters a position without a hard stop order. You can fix the profit on the market, but the stop is always before the trade opens. Mathematical statistics and money management are an unshakable part of its trading system. And psychology is the basis of success. He forgets about a losing trade in a second, the next one will already be profitable. With a different approach, he simply cannot survive.

Fast hands are the basis for scalper success. For this reason, the scalper must constantly develop keyboard skills. There are even special keyboards for traders

Broker - why is his choice so important for a scalper? Not all brokers welcome scalpers on their platform. Mutually beneficial cooperation with a scalper can develop only when trading on the exchange or with a broker who brings to the market all 100% of transactions.

These are the main aspects for those who have chosen scalping as their trading technique.