Indicator Accelerator Oscillator

We present to your attention the Accelerator Oscillator indicator which task is to help the trader, to determine acceleration and delay of the moving force at market. It is placed in the section Indicators - "Bill Williams"

it looks as follows:

In settings it is possible to change width and color of the histogram and to expose levels.

To enter the market it is necessary to look at indications of the indicator. If the histogram is above zero, it is a signal on Buy and if below, for Sell, as shown at the pic below.

One more important point in work of this indicator. You shouldn't sell in case of green columns or to buy in case of red.

This indicator will suit, the traders which want to use simplicity and universality in their trade. Accelerator Oscillator is better to apply together with other indicator to receipt more exact signals. I wish you high profit.