Indicator Better Volume V1.4

One more very popular indicator is Better Volume 1.4 by means of which it is possible to track not only information about amount, but also about change of short-term trends. 
It is placed in the section Indicators - Informational

It looks as follows:

Settings of indicator

NumberOfBars – the number of bars for which the indicator will draw an amount

MAPeriod – value of the period of moving average. This parameter calculates an average volume for the specified number of bars.

LookBack - the number of bars on which the indicator will compare the current value of amount and a spread and the indicator will construct only after that value of the histogram.

This indicator highlights each volume with the corresponding color, there is a description on application.

Indicator signals 

Red color – very large volume which appears at the beginning either at the end of trends or during corrections.

White color - a very large volume which appears at the beginning either at the end of trends or during corrections. 

Green color – a large volume on a candle of the small size. You can observe it when the trend comes to an end. At this moment the large player buys up line items of traders which came in hope for continuation and will soon sustain losses. But also it can be when the large player fixes the profit in the middle of a trend or on correction.

Purple color – a large volume on candles of the small size. Most often you can see it on corrections.
Yellow color – candles which have very small tick volume. Most often it is possible to observe it at the end of trends.
If there are no signals in the market, then the indicator shows all columns in blue color. The Better Volume 1.4 indicator can be used as trade system and with practice it is possible to achieve good money. We wish you high profit.

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