Indicator Fractals

In this overview we would like to tell about the Fractals indicator which task is to find top or bottom of the market. It is placed in the section Indicators - "Bill Williams"

it looks as follows:

In settings it is possible to change color, width and type of the indicator.

It is better to use this indicator in a combination with Bill Williams's indicator – the Alligator. If in the market the level is brokendown, at which there was a fractal down and jaws of the Alligator are open in a side of breaking aside, it is a signal that in the market is the descending trend and should be sold.

and if the broken level at which there was a fractal up and an alligator confirms it, it speaks to us about availability of the descending trend, in this situation it is better to prepare transactions on buy.

This assistant well will suit those traders who want to open the line items with a minimum risk. I you wish successful trade.