Indicator Marker Facilitation Index

We are glad to provide you the Marker Facilitation Index indicator which task is to measure the speed of movement of the price. It is placed in the section indicators "Bill Williams".

it looks as follows:

In settings of the indicator it is possible to change the layout and to add levels.

Trading signals from Market Facilitation Index:
Green color of the histogram is a strong trend in the market. It is possible to look for good points of entry on movement. Also green histogram can mean the following:

1. A large number of participants can enter the market

2. Most of participants open line items by trend

3. Tendency force in the market promptly grows

The blue histogram says to us that there can be a movement both ascending, and descending and most likely, various manipulations of the price are possible.
Pink color of the histogram can be met after a big trend when begins big flat and the price either will turn, or will continue a trend.

Brown color of the histogram tells about decrease in volume in the market and the current uncertainty of the price. Perhaps, it waits for new participants.
Idicator Market facilitation index is possible to consider very informative, and it will perfectly suit traders who want to study how to understand the market.

We wish you profit.