Indicator Sinc MA

We are glad to provide you the Sinc MA indicator which enters into family of moving averages, all moving averages for determination of the indications use an average price value for a certain period. It is placed in the section Indicators - Trend 

it looks as following:

Smoothing of indicators happens by a technique the filter of price fluctuations. The Sinc MA indicator is based on mathematical smoothing. It is possible to buy on this indicator if the price rose above the line and to sell when the price fell below it, as shown at the pic below:

The main problem of such indicators is copying. In order to avoid false entrances of Sinc Ma, it is better of all to use it with indicators which show overbuy and oversell of the price.

As we see, at the pic the oscillator Stochastics filtered the first point of entry. We wish you high profit.