Indicator HLCrossSigWPR

In this overview we would like to tell about the HLCrossSig for WPR indicator which task is "to catch" a trend in the market and to give the greatest possible information for reduction of psychological loading in case of entrance into position.

It is placed in the section Indicators - Informational

and it looks as follows:

Indicator parameters:

CountBars – quantity of candles which will take the indicator for marking and calculations.

P – range length on breaking (in candles), the more is the value, the less there are signals and they appear later;

PMA – moving average length.;

Risk – number of points of risk in each transaction if 0, then the arrow is drawn at the level 2 ATR (ATR_P parameter)

ATR_P – the ATR parameter;

Q – coefficient for installation of a take-profit. It is better to set 2. That is profit will be always 2 times more than stop loss.

Period_WPR – WPR period;

HLine – the upper signal WPR line;

LLine – the lower signal WPR line.

The HLCrossSig for WPR indicator on graphics shows places where it is necessary to open a line item, to set stop loss, traling stop and take profit. Actually it is a complete trade system. The arrows will show us into what party to enter. Orange tags in the form of the letter "x" show how we shall move stop loss by profit. It is possible to fix profit when yellow circles are higher than prices for Sell or lower than price for Buy.

The HLCrossSig for WPR indicator will suit beginners who have just come to the market as the indicator completely cleans psychological loading from the trader. We wish you high profit.