Indicator RCFMA

In this overview we would like to tell about the RCFMA indicator which task is to analyze at the same time several time periods and to build the histogram. It is placed in the section Indicators -Trend

it looks as following:

Parameters of indicator:

FastMA - Length of fast MA

MiddleMA - Length of intermediate MA

SlowMA - Length of slow MA

TypeSMA =0 - simple (SMA), 1 - exponential (EMA), 2 - smoothed (SSMA), 3 - linearly - weighed (LWMA)

PriceSMA =0 - Closing, 1 - Opening, 2 - maximum, 3 - minimum, 4 - average, 5 - typical, 6 - weighed closings

It is also possible to adjust color and width of lines of the histogram for the best visual perception.

Let's buy when the red line of the indicator is above a zero mark, at the same time the histogram shall be in a positive zone:

and the signal to Sell arises in an opposite situation, as shown at the pic below:

This indicator in its basis is the 3 moving averages with the different periods, and it makes it a little advanced. RCFMA will suit both beginners, and professionals. We wish you profit.