Indicator Trand

We present to your attention the Trand indicator which task is to show an entrance / exit from the market. It is placed in the section Indicators - Trend 

it looks as following:

Settings of indicator:

In settings it is possible to change indications:

Long – determines a trend,  

Short – trend force parameter with standard 80 and 21,

on those which will suit you to expose levels, and it is possible to change color, width and type of the indicator.

In operation of the Trand indicator are used two lines. The red line serves for determination of the direction of movement, it is either the ascending, or descending trend.

The green line is responsible for trend force: if it grows, then movement gains strength, and if falls or is near a zero mark, then it is correction or flat.

If these lines disperse and the red line is in the lower area of the indicator, then it speaks about the strong descending trend, and it is possible to sell safely, as shown at the pic. below. For Buy are necessary the return conditions.

This assistant will suit those traders who use in the trade trend indicators, it is very simple and evident in work. We wish you successful trade.