Indicator XMA

In this overview we would like to tell about the XMA indicator which task is to specify availability of a trend in the foreign exchange market. It is placed in the section Indicators -  Trend

it looks as following:

Settings of the indicator

The period – the indicator period.
 Porog - the Threshold of sensitivity of the filter of a flat in points

Metod - the Averaging method 0=Simple 1=Exponential 2=Smoothed 3=Linear weighted
Prise - the averaging Price 0=Close 1=Open 2=High 3=Low 4=Median 5=Typical 6=Weighted

Also: it is possible to sell when the price fell below the line of the indicator, and was fixed, and to buy when the beginning price began to move higher than the line, as shown at the pic below.

This assistant differs in the uniqueness from the analogs as it accurately follows the price chart. On trend it has an inclined position, and during a flat stands still, drawing the horizontal line. Also, to avoid a set of unprofitable transactions the XMA indicator can be used together with oscillators, or trend indicators.

We wish you high profit.