Indicator Envelopes

In this overview we would like to tell about the indicator called Envelopes, which comprises two moving averages and intended for the technical analysis. It is placed in the section Indicators - Trend

it looks as following:

The Envelopes indicator looks as two moving averages with a certain deviation and by its layout have a form of the channel.

Settings of the indicator:

To have an opportunity to trade in a right way, it is very important to expose all parameters that the price was in the channel all the time. Width of the channel can be changed by the Deviation parameter (deviation) and that the channel wasn't very big it is better to set value no more than 1%.

It is possible to work on already adjusted indicator like that:

To sell when the price touches the upper line of the channel

And buy when the price reaches the lower line if the price goes beyond this or that border in such cases it possible to enter the increased lot.

This indicator for reduction of number of unprofitable transactions is better to use together with oscillators which will show oversell and overbuy of the price. We wish you high profit.