Indicator Bulls Bears Power

We are glad to provide you the Bulls Bears Power indicator which gives the chance to catch long trends. It is placed in the section Indicators - Trend

at chart it looks as following:

Settings of the indicator:

BBPeriod – the indicator period, the number of bars of the histogram parameters participating in calculation;

TypeMA – type of "moving average":

0 – SMA (simple),

1 – EMA (exponential),

2 – SSMA (smoothed),

3 – LWMA (linear weighed).

Bulls Power and Bears Power oscillators are the cornerstone of the indicator.

It is possible to trade on this indicator as follows:

To buy if the histogram of the indicator rose above zero

and to sell if the histogram fell below zero, as shown at the pic:

As we see, even during corrections of a trend the indicator doesn't lower the histogram below zero that says us that it can hold a signal of the direction of a trend and not give false signals on a turn. We wish you profit.