Indicator Stochastic Oscillator

We present to your attention the Stochastic Oscillator indicator which task is to show levels of overbuy and oversell on a graphics. It is placed in the section Indicators - Oscillators

it looks as following:

Settings of the indicator:

KPeriod - the period of the oscillator.

DReriod - the period of the alarm line of the oscillator which is just a moving average from the line %К.

Slowing - additional smoothing of lines %К and %D.

In settings of the indicator it is also possible to change color, type and width of the main and sliding line.

If lines of the indicator fell lower than the level 20, then it is possible to buy safely and if were fixed higher than 80 it is a signal to sell

The indicator Stochastic Oscillator will suit those traders who don't try to expect a trend in advance, but if nevertheless if it was possible, then stochastic oscillator would be better to use for addition to a line item on a short-term kickbacks. I wish you successful trade.