Indicator AntiAlligator

We are glad to provide you the indicator called Anti Alligator which main task is to give information when it is possible to buy and when to sell at the market.

It is placed in the section Indicators – Informational 

and it looks at the chart as follows:

Indicator settings

Basis of indications of the Anti Alligator indicator is opposite to well-known indicator "Bill Williams's Alligator". It means that if Bill Williams's alligator recommends to Sell, then the Anti Alligator will give a signal on Buy. The idea is that for many years traders trade with help of Bill Williams's indicator and the market has changed so that not to allow to earn on this indicator. That's why Anti Alligator has appeared.

It can be used as for trade on a trend on time periods from M30,

and for scalping at time period М5 –М15, as shown at the pic below.

To avoid false signals of Anti Alligator indicator we recommend to use trend indicators or oscillators which show levels of overbuy and oversell. We wish you good profit.