Indicator MA Chanels

In this overview we would like to tell about the MA Chanels indicator which task is to draw the dynamic channel from moving averages which are located between on a certain distance.

It is placed in the section Indicators "Channel building"

it looks as follows at the chart:

All 8 lines are remote from the center of the invisible line on distances which are calculated in Fibonacci's coefficients, namely:

red = 0,618;

orange = 0,5;

yellow = 0,382;

green = 0,236.

Indicator parameters:

BarsCount – the number of bars for calculation of indications of the indicator.

MAPeriod – the period of "moving average".

In case of change of the BarsCount parameter the distance between lines can increase or decrease, and you should adjust depending on tool of volatility.

It is possible to trade on this indicator from borders of the channel and to closing on the line of identical color.

The MA Chanels indicator is one of the best channel indicators as it considers both the direction of a trend and volatility of currency pair that gives the opportunity to increase the quantity of profitable transactions in several times. We wish you high profit.