Indicator Trigger Line

We are glad to provide you the Trigger Line indicator which basis lies in moving averages which main task is to specify the direction of a trend. It is placed in the section Indicators - Trend 

it looks as following:

Settings of indicator:

RPeriod is responsible for number of bars which are applied to accomplishment of process of averaging of moving average. The more is value, the smoother and farther are the lines of the indicator from the price.

LSMA-Period - size mixture between 2 lines.

If Trigger Line shows at the present time the red-yellow line, the trend is descending and if the pink-blue line, the ascending as shown at the pic. below:

The main problem of such indicators is delay and false signals during a flat and to avoid a set of unprofitable transactions it is better to use the indicator together with other trend indicator or the oscillator.

We wish you high profit.