Indicator Gator Oscillator

One more very popular indicator is Gator Oscillator which task is to determine trend movement and its force. It is placed in the section Indicators "Bill Williams"

it looks as follows:

Gator Oscillator is addition to the popular Alligator indicator. It precisely shows behavior of an alligator when it woke up when it eats and when sleeps, it is visible on the histogram. When the alligator wakes up columns are over and under the zero line of green color.

When it eats the columns are green,

and when the alligator is saturated on green histogram began to appear the columns of red color

The alligator fell asleep, and columns of the histogram became very small.

Many traders underestimate the Gator Oscillator indicator though it is one of the best oscillators of Bill Williams as it gives the earliest signal of change of a tendency. We wish you high profit!